Putt-Putt Enamel Pin from Putt Putt Saves the Zoo

Putt-Putt Enamel Pin from Putt Putt Saves the Zoo


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Measures 1.25" Wide
Two (2) Posts with Black Rubber Clutches
Ships Via First Class USPS Mail (3-5 days)

"It's the day of the grand opening of the Cartown Zoo. Putt-Putt and his dog drive into to visit Mr. Baldini before attending the ceremonies. After saying hello, Mr. Baldini asks Putt-Putt if he can take some Zoo Chow to Outback Al, the new zookeeper. Putt-Putt agrees and makes his way to the Cartown Zoo. The zoo is still closed and Putt-Putt enters after the front gates are opened by Outback Al.

After Putt-Putt delivers the bag of Zoo Chow, Outback Al mentions that the zoo is in quite a mess and is not ready to be opened. He explains how many of the exhibits still need fixing. On top of that, six baby zoo animals have gone missing. Putt-Putt offers to help by finding the missing animals. Outback Al is relieved and gives Putt-Putt a list of the missing animals: Baby Jambo the elephant, Masai the giraffe, Kenya the lion cub, Zanzibar the hippo, Sammy Seal, and Little Skeeter the snake. Putt-Putt must find these six baby animals and save the zoo.

After all six baby animals are rescued, Outback Al announces the opening of the Cartown Zoo to all the other cars. He even gives Putt-Putt the Junior Zookeeper award and allows him to cut the ribbon. The zoo is officially opened for everyone to enjoy."
- Wikipedia

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