Pajama Sam Enamel Pin

Pajama Sam Enamel Pin


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Pajama Sam: My lunchbox!
Wishing Well: Why call it that when you can't eat it?
Pajama Sam: I beg your pardon?
Wishing Well: It just seems silly that you call it a lunchbox when you wouldn't dream of having it for lunch.
Pajama Sam: But your lunch goes in it!
Wishing Well: Your lunch goes in you, does it not? I might as well call you "lunchbox!"
Pajama Sam: I'm not a box!
Wishing Well: Ah, too true.

Bring back Pajama Sam with this pin!

Measures 1.25" Tall
Black Rubber Clutch
Ships Via First Class USPS Mail (3-5 days)

After waiting for more then a year to ask about the idea of making spyfox, i finnaly got both pjamasam and spyfox! really happy to get my collection nearly complete :) <3 For the record, the shipping time only was 3 weeks from US to the EU!

Very pretty embodiment of my childhood memories in nice quality!

I got this for my brother, and he loved it! A good nostalgia-inducing pin.

Amazing unique gift for those that knew how awesome Pajama Sam was back in the day!

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